Full-Service Property Management

Fast and Easy Onboarding

  • Visualize your home in 3D before making any physical changes.
  • Make real-time changes to the design.
  • We handle all the logistics and purchasing for you as well.
  • We set up everything that’s required turn your vision into reality.
  • This could include everything from basic cosmetic touch ups and setting up furniture, to more serious interior design changes that may require one of our trusted contractors to step in.
  • Highlight the unique features and benefits of your home that help boost your algorithmic ranking on Airbnb.
  • Attract potential guests with professional copywriting that might increase their willingness to book.
  • Showcase your home’s best features with high-quality photos.
  • Our dedicated photographer uses a professional-grade DSLR and drone to perform photography and show your home in the best light possible.
  • These high-resolution photos can be used for your Airbnb listing and other marketing materials. We can determine the order of the photos on your listing as well, which can have a lot to do with the potential guests’ first impression of your short-term rental.
  • Optimize your Airbnb listing for maximum visibility.
  • Attract the most bookings with advanced optimization strategies.
  • Provide a custom guidebook for guests with a unique brand image for your Airbnb.
  • Include important information and local recommendations to make your guests’ stays even better.
  • We are constantly monitoring the market and similar listings to yours to determine the best pricing and marketing strategies.
  • Day to Day Operations

    • We use one of the best pricing tools in the industry to adjust your home’s pricing in real-time.
    • This helps your home stay competitive overall with the rest of the market, while also maximizing your property’s revenue.
    • Screen potential guests to ensure a positive experience for all parties
    • Verify bookings to prevent fraud (generally, Airbnb’s technology helps us a lot with this).
    • We monitor your home remotely to quickly identify and address any potential security concerns.
    • We can also install these devices for your home if you don’t currently have any smart devices set up. 
    • Keep track of all necessary inventory for your home, including linens, towels, and toiletries.
    • Ensure that your home is fully stocked and ready for each guest stay.
    • We optimize your Airbnb listing to increase visibility and attract more bookings.
    • We do this with different strategies such as copywriting, reviews, and frequent pricing changes that can help boost your search rankings.
    • We use a trusted, detail-oriented cleaning company to guarantee a clean home that your guests will notice a difference in compared to other short-term rentals.
    • We also perform routine deep cleans and are constantly checking up on your home ourselves.
    • If something goes wrong, don’t worry. We handle all payments and damage claims on your behalf.
    • Offer personalized recommendations and suggestions for local experiences and activities. This may be directly communicated with the guest, shown through the guidebook, or in your listing’s copy.
    • We always aim to provide your guests with a unique and memorable experience during their stay, such as providing complimentary snacks or specially requested amenities. 
    • A small favor for a guest can go a long way in your property’s reviews. 

    We Cover All The Bases

    • Provide round-the-clock support for your guests’ needs and inquiries.
    • Ensure that your guests have a positive experience and leave positive reviews. Sometimes guests can be difficult and may even leave false reviews. In those cases, we work hard to remove these reviews but these are very rare circumstances.
    • We handle any maintenance or repair issues that may arise during guest stays.
    • We utilize trusted contractors to quickly address any issues in between check-in and checkout windows.
    • Assist in obtaining the necessary permits for your short-term rental property and fully compliant with local regulations (including HOA).
    • We will provide guidance and assistance in navigating the tax obligations related to your short-term rental property as well.
    • Utilize our trusted in-house team across management, photography, design, and more, as well as preferred vendors for all aspects of property management.
    • Ensure that your property is well-maintained, managed, and listed by experienced professionals.
    • For full-service property management, long-term contracts aren’t required unless agreed upon otherwise.
    • We don’t have any specific availability requirements for your property either but your intentions for this should be communicated in the beginning stages.
    Free Airbnb Consultation by Strasa Property Management in Phoenix, AZ

    About Matt

    After living in Michigan most of his life and getting his Marketing degree from Michigan State University, Matt moved to downtown Chicago to work in sales. But just two years later, he left his job and moved to Phoenix to pursue more independent projects and freelancing. He also has been a co-host for nearly 2 years at an Airbnb that boasts many positive reviews (The Bourbon Bungalow).

    He does freelance work in Airbnb photography/videography & branding, YouTube & social media content editing, and building websites / brand materials. He has experience in marketing, sales, customer service & support, data analysis, web design, graphic design, video editing, and filming. Matt is passionate about learning new things, health & self-improvement, photography/videography, and building brands through creative design.

    About Gabby

    Gabby is a Milwaukee native turned Atlanta local, now residing in Phoenix. Throughout her upbringing, Gabby’s design-oriented parents moved their family throughout the midwest and along the east coast before settling in the suburbs of Atlanta, customizing every home they lived in along the way. After growing up in design showrooms, it’s no wonder Gabby graduated from Georgia Southern University with a degree in Interior Design.

    Gabby kicked off her career in residential interior design, where she realized her passion for space planning and sourcing finishes & furnishings. Gabby’s specialties are small space planning optimization, specialty item sourcing, and budget adherence. 

    About Isaac

    Isaac is an Arizona native with a diverse set of interests. Isaac’s career started off with a sales and operational role at PepsiCo. Isaac later moved to a marketing role which opened the door to a better understanding of consumer needs and wants. After a successful 5 year tenure at PepsiCo Isaac got the itch to dive into the ‘peer sharing’ space at a tech startup.

    During his time at this startup, Isaac began to have a deep understanding of the peer-sharing space. After purchasing his first investment property and ‘house hacking’ his duplex via Airbnb, he opened up his property management services and started taking on clients.

    Isaac’s main focus is to utilize his short term rental knowledge to help create passive income for investors and consult people through their short term rental journey. Being a STR real estate investor can come with a lot of angst and uncertainty. Isaac and the Strasa team are eager to partner with you and make the STR journey a fun and lucrative one.